Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Tai Chi is a way of moving which has been developed from martial arts, but is in present time also practiced to achieve deep peace and relaxation. Tai Chi consists of a succession of certain movements: the form.

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From all the parts of  “Traditional Chinese Medicine” TCM, acupuncture is best known. The treatment with Chinese herbs, massage (Tuina, GuaSha), moxa and cupping are also part of the healing branch of TCM.

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Go directly to an overview with all relevant information about our practice, like treatment times for acupuncture as well as the times for our Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons. 

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We coach you, in both our practice and in our Tai Chi school, in a forthright way towards the recovery of your (physical and/or mental) complaints. It is important to understand the exact nature of your complaint and where it originated from. Understanding this knowledge will enable you to do all you can to prevent a recurrence of your condition. A healthy balance in your life will be the result. Nature has substantial (healing) power. We are convinced that individuals can use their natural (healing) power and stimulate it within themselves. We can be helpful with this process.


Riny Gilissen

Riny has acquired leadership qualities during her job as a manager in the sports sector. She is very social and loves people, a quality which was demonstrated in the years she owned her hiking café and inn. She is patient in explaining the tai chi form, is very friendly and accessible, and likes to give everyone personal attention, even with large groups.


Ellen Olie

Ellen has successfully completed her training in physiotherapy, T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Japanese Manaka acupuncture, and abdominal acupuncture as well as a training in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She will tailor-make your Chinese recipes which are then delivered to you by the pharmacy.  She has had her own practice for more than 25 years. Her passion for alternative medicine encourages her to continue her study to deepen her understanding and healing practices. She is currently studying the Master Tung method and the use of essential oils.

You can always contact her with questions about your condition. Ellen likes to spend the time and attention with you to provide clear explanations.