Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete Eastern medical system which regards and treats body and mind as energy.

Unfortunately, when it comes to energetic treatments, many descriptions sound vague and unclear. This is partly due to the unfamiliarity with the concept of energy and partly due to the manner of description. It’s a shame because TCM is a clear healing method which has been practiced for centuries by millions of people and is older than Western medicine. In practice, we explain as clearly as possible how you are treated and the kinds of results you may expect.

As part of TCM, acupuncture is best known. The treatment with Chinese herbs, massage (Tuina, GuaSha), moxa and cupping are also part of the healing branch of TCM. There are also three preventive methods within TCM: motion therapy (Tai Chi, Qi Gong), nutrition therapy, and philosophy and life advice. The purpose of these preventive methods are to maintain health.

You can visit our practice for all methods of TCM.



When you visit us for treatment, you will first receive an extensive interview in which you can discuss about your complaint or illness. This is followed by an examination of the tongue and checking of the pulse. You will also be treated during the first consultation. More info on making a diagnosis can be found here.

Curative (Focused on healing)


During acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist inserts a needle in the skin at specific points. These acupuncture points are located on meridians: the energy pathways within your body. By stimulating these points, the acupuncturist can influence the condition in your body which can cause your symptoms to subside or disappear.

Abdominal acupuncture: with this type of acupuncture we can treat your condition by needling points on the abdomen. An effective therapie proven for pain treatments in the body (acute or chronic pain). Already during the first treatment your pain reduces.

You can check which diseases can be supported through acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Children

In children up to 13 years of age, the meridians are even closer to the skin surface and therefore the treatment techniques can be carried out in a lighter form. A massage technique can be enough, or sometimes just leaving the needle in the skin for a short time. This makes the treatments less stressful and children hardly experience any discomfort.


Moxa is a special herb; mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris). Moxa is either placed directly on the skin or on a needle for heating purposes. Many ailments improve when heat is applied. Moxa can also be used preventively.


Cupping is a treatment by creating a vacuum of the skin above an acupuncture point or a certain painful skin area. This is done with a glass or plastic sphere. The purpose of this is to stimulate the skin above the acupuncture point and/or to improve the circulation in a certain area. We achieve this with the help of a massage technique.


There are two techniques. With Tuina, pressure is exerted on the meridians and specific points, so that the energy can flow freely and evenly through the body. With GuaSha, people use tools with which they scrape the skin above the meridians and specific points. This technique works deeper than Tuina.

The Chinese herbs we use are all from organic culture, free from toxins or pesticides and obtained through recognized Chinese herbal pharmacies in the Netherlands.

Your ailment can also be treated with herbal therapy. There are herbs which are used in powders, pills or drinks (= decoct). Herbs can also affect your symptoms by application through the skin. To this extent, they are prepared in compresses, creams, nose, ear, or eye drops, or suppositories. You can also receive combination treatments consisting of herbs and acupuncture.



Chinese nutrition teaches people to look at what your body needs to become healthy and stay healthy! Nutrition serves as a medicine and prevents diseases. Your acupuncturist examines you and provides customized advice. She will provide you with recipes and ways to prepare them. Changing food may have an effect on your health within a few weeks.

Philosophy and life advice

The two philosophers Lao Tse and Confucius have laid the foundation for this teaching. Although for years now we have been studying Taoist and Buddhist textbooks, meditation and Eastern philosophy with its life advices (balanced mind in a healthy body), we do not discuss this unless specifically asked. If you are interested, do not hesitate to ask about it!

Tai Chi / Chi Gong

Tai Chi and Chi Gong are very important in our healing philosophy. You will find more information on ur special Tai Chi page.

Ellen is a member of the NVA (Dutch Association for Acupuncture) and NVF (Dutch Society for Phythotherapy) – a professional association for plants as herbal medicine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many treatment indications, which means that you can receive treatment for various complaints. Ellen specialises in pain complaints, chronic illnesses, infertility problems, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, child acupuncture, burnout and fatigue or stress syndromes. Because of her paramedical background (physiotherapy), she understands the musculoskeletal complaints well.