A general physiotherapist is a physical motion expert and treats patients who experience problems with movement in daily life. These treatments may vary from exercise therapy and massages to advice and physical techniques (such as ultrasound, interference, heat, etc.). The general physiotherapist can be of help with most pain complaints and help you find relief from them.

Ellen Olie is a general physiotherapist and specialises in treating F.N.D. patients (functional neurological disorders). She treats patients individually or in groups. She will work with you to relieve your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. When preparing a treatment plan together with you, she takes your wishes, your physical situation and your options into consideration. Her advice and exercises will enable you to move optimally again. You can also contact her for advice and treatment which prevent (the worsening of) complaints.

Ellen is registered with the BIG register, the Central Quality Physiotherapy Register and a member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF). She has many years of experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices. You can check out her profile here.

Through her geriatric physiotherapy work experience in various nursing homes and in-service training courses, Ellen has specialized in the problems of the elderly patient. She teaches fall prevention,gives fall training, foot therapy, coaching for diabetes type 2 and knee and hip osteoarthritis, treatments for C.O.P.D. patients, treatments for neurological disorders, and courses in "Tai Chi for arthritis and fall prevention". The latter courses together with Riny Gilissen.

One of Ellen’s personal goals is having elderly people experience pleasure in moving again. When your movement is  improved, you will have less pain and your fear of falling is less. You will (once more) experience pleasure in undertaking activities. That is the basis for being able to live independently in the way that suits you best - as long as possible!

Of course, patients of all ages are welcome in the practice!