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Acupuncture has its base in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); a profound oriental medical system which interprets the body in an energetic way. Acupuncture heals medical complaints, improves health and even has a preventive influence.

The acupuncturist has a holistic approach: not only the ailment will be treated, but the patient is viewed as a whole. Acupuncture centralises a diseased person in his environment, not the disease in itself.

Forms of Therapy Practised by Ellen OlieTemple of mystery - Alex Sievers

  • Acupuncture, Chinese & Japanese Methods
  • Acupuncture for Children, without needles
  • Moxa & Cupping Therapies
  • Chinese Herbs for Children
  • Tai Chi, I-Chuan exercises
  • Chinese massage
  • Chinese herbs (magistral formulations)
  • Dietary and nutritional advice according to the 5 Chinese elements
  • Massage (Indian Shantala, hot stone massage with acupressure, etc)
  • Acupuncture for small pets, at your own home

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Acupuncture helps to relieve all sorts of pains and complaints, such as pains in the joints and sinews, muscles, gastrointestinal complaints, ailments of the bronchial tubes, problems of the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyes and ears, hormonal complaints, problems of the cardiovascular system and complaints of a psychological nature. In addition, acupuncture can be of help when a person is experiencing problems with his immune system, such as allergies, infections, colds and influenza.

This is just a brief summary. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a complete healthcare system by which many diseases can be treated. The Dutch association for acupuncture (NVA) states a complete list of diseases which can be treated with the help of acupuncture.


How does an acupuncture treatment go?
During the first visit to the acupuncturist, you will be interviewed elaborately and your wrist, tongue and belly will be examined. After this, the therapist will treat you. The consultation lasts approximately one hour.
Do the needles hurt?
The needles are very thin and cannot be compared to thick injection needles. This is why at the very worst you will only feel a slight sting which will not last. The excitation of the Qi feeling is experienced as a tingling or tiny electric shock on the needle spot or in the course of the meridian.
The website of the professional association supplies a lot of information:
The Dutch association for acupuncture - NVA
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur

NLPraktijk in Nederland

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